Terms and conditions

RULES OF USING the Auction Platform within domain www.transbid.eu and all domains connected or directing to domain above.

Following definitions are used in those terms and conditions:
Auction Platform (called also Platform) – all subsides that are within domain www.transbid.eu and connected domains that belong to:
Platform owner -  Thru.pl Arkadiusz Lesniak 34-205 Stryszawa, Stryszawa 252B
NIP: 954-136-21-10, REGON: 852493997
Auction (reversed auction) – offer contest, that offer with lowest price wins.
Orderer – company or institution registered in platform database, that orders transportation of goods, also called economical subject.
Forwarding agent – company that orders transportation of goods or performing transportation, registered in platform database, called also economical subject.
Carrier – company that performs transportation of goods, registered in platform database, called also economical subject.
User – person registered in platform database and authorized to represent certain economical subject.
Subscription - periodical payment for using Platform, published in Price – List at Platforms website.

1. General conditions
A. Within its activity Auction Platform is an instrument allowing Orderer to execute reversed auction ( offer contest) for transport ordered by himself.
B. Within its activity Auction Platform is an instrument allowing Carriers to take part in reversed auctions and to gain new transport orders.
C. It is forbidden, excluding certain situations defined in the Act regulations, to copy content or its part with purpose to sell them.

2. Registration in Platform database
A. By registering in Platforms database as user, employee or owner of the company (economical subject) declares that entered details are correct, and agrees those terms and conditions.
B. Registered User receives unique login and password and commits to keep it for his knowledge only. All actions made using certain login and password are considered to be made by User himself.
C. Platform Owner does not take responsibility for false, untrue information put in the system by the Users.
D. By registering in the system User agrees to process ones personal data for marketing and other purposes related to type of services Platform provides, according to the Act of personal data protection and Act of services provided via internet.

3. Auction system
A. Only Users registered in Platform database can take part in auctions and biddig.
B. Auction is won by Users offering lowest prices.
C. During auction only details about the order are published. No participants details are revealed.
D. After auction is finished, Orderer receives contact details of three carriers that placed lowest bids.
E. Orderer can finish auction at any time.
F. The contact between the Orderer and Carrier is direct and based on information provided by acution system.
G. Orderer can freely choose carrier.

4. Marks and comments system of economical subjects registered in database
A. All economical subjects registered in Platform database can be marked and reviewed by other users.
B. Users can issue economical subject with positive or negative marks. And add comment that will justify certain mark.
C. System is moderated and the owner reserves the right to reject comments violating law or good manners.
D. User representing the marked economical subject can negate or argue any comment about itself within the Platform.
E. It is not accepted to give marks or comments to owned company.
F. Platform owner does not premeditate to remove comments for economical subjects representatives requests, unless the data they contain is untrue or it violates the law or good manners.
G. User by adding comment or mark for economical subject declares that all information is real and true.
H. Platform owner declares that all comments added by Users are their private opinions and cannot be identified with platform owners personal opinion.

5. Payment
A. Registering in the system causes no financial commitments in relation to platform owner.
B. Registered subject can use platforms full resources for free within test period set by platform owner.
C. Economical subject willing to use Auction Platform is committed to buy subscription according to current pay-list published on our website.
D. Platform owner will issue economical subject with proper VAT invoice for buying subscription.
E. Invoices will be issued based on data put in to the system during registration process.
F. Subscription is irreclaimable.
G. Owner assumes to provide promotions and free testing periods according to current information published on Platforms website.

6. Copyright
A. Internet Platform is subject to Copyrights Act.
B. By entering any data to the Platform, User declares that one is their author and it does not violate copyrights of other people.

7. Final settlement
A. Platform owner is not responsible for any discordance within data provided by the Users.
B. Platform owner takes no responsibility for the quality of service provided by Users registered in Platforms database.
C. Platform Owner takes no responsibility for incurred costs, losses or lost profits resulted in cooperation with economic subjects registered in Platform database.
D. Platform owner is not responsible for economical subjects not executing the contract resulted from performed auction.
E. Platform owner reserves the right to remove or block Users or economical subjects account in case one has violated law, business ethics or has majority or negative marks/comments.
F. Platform owner reserves right to turn off the system to perform necessary maintenance actions.
G. All terms and conditions are subject to Polish law and all disputes related to Owners responsibility arising from it, will be settled by courts appropriate for Owners area in Poland.
H. If any of statute regulations will be recognized as law violation by appropriate court, it does not affect other statute regulations.
I. Platform reserves right to make any changes to the platform without duty to inform Users about it.

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