Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Thinking about you and respecting your privacy, we like to present information below regarding storage, processing and sharing data gained during usage of our Platforms sources.

1. What details are necessary to use our Platform
a) Unregistered you can freely move across our Platform without leaving any data in our system, except IP address, that is used for technical purposes and general data gathering that relates to statistical analysis process.
b) Registered person leaves only data necessary to fully identify the economical subject represented by such person and User/Users representing certain economical subject i.e. e-mail, Name, Surname, address details of economical subject, VAT nr , phone and fax numbers.
c) Offering loads and taking part in auctions you need to be aware that after auction Is finished appropriate both economical subjects will be issued with all data necessary to identify and make contact between them.
d) By making marks and adding comments to economical subject registered in Platforms database, User has to be aware that his company name will be shown to other system Users cooperating with rated subject.

2. How do we protect information
a) Our servers are equipped with appropriate security instruments protecting access to the data, and system is maintained and administrated only by authorized personnel. Moreover we do not share any data with subjects not taking part in auctions. Data can only be shared in case of pleading, court warrants or appeals.
b) Access to users data is gained only by logging on using correct login and password.

3. Access to information
Each user after logging in to his account, has access to information he entered to the system.
Those information can be edited.
User can also remove his own account.

While using platform, your browser can save and store text files – cookies to Users hard drive.
User can configure his browser not to save and store those files.
However you need to remember that using our platform to its full potential enabling cookies might be necessary, i.e. to keep session going or to personalize content.
Using cookies by your browser is mandatory if you use our Platform as logged User i.e. you issue transport orders or take part in auction.

5. Google Analytics
Because of our analytics needs we monitor Platforms traffic using Google Analytics. Those data is used by us only for statistic analysis and are not shared to other subjects.

6. Privacy policy changes
In case of any changes to our privacy policy changes we will inform about this on those websites.
If you have any inquiries or suggestions about privacy policy please contact us via e-mail:
or letter:
Stryszawa 252B
34-205 Stryszawa

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