How does it work

Bidding prices on freight exchange markets is a fact for a long time now. That’s why we made this process simpler saving your time and money.
That’s how it works:


Orderer adds load and starts the auction.


Carriers bid on prices.


After bidding is finished Orderer receives details of not more than 3 companies that placed best offer.


Orderer chooses carrier (i.e. based on marks / comments from other users) and contacts him directly to arrange the contract.

Notifications are another tools, allowing TransBid freight exchange to save your time.
In a simple way you can select transport orders to and from certain places that interests you in the system, and afterwards save this search as e-mail notification template.
After turning notification template on, it’s hard to miss interesting transport orders, as the information about them will appear in your mailbox automatically and almost immediately after they are entered to the system.

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