General inquiries:

1.What is TransBid.eu?

TransBid is free freight exchange which operates on reverse auction basis.

2. What is a reverse auction?

It is an auction in which the price is bid downwards.

3. Will the using of freight exchange be payable in the future and how much will it cost?

Some functions will always remain free but we predict to establish some payments in the future, closely related to added value that exchange will generate for its users.

4. What requirements should be fulfilled to register in the system?

In case of registration of Carrier or Forwarding Agent account you should have active company, in case of Orderer account we allow registering of private person.

5. How many companies have signed up for your freight exchange so far?

At the end of April 2015 we registered over 1,500 companies and on average each working day 13 new companies register in system.

6. How are the users of freight exchange verified?

Users verification takes place automatically through VAT ID. In case of any inconsistencies in the data we ask for the company registration documents. If necessary we offer services of reputable credit reference agency. In addition, our freight exchange has its own users rating system.

7. How do you protect users receivables?

In case of justified financial claims entity who doesn’t fulfill his commitments receives a warning about possibility of account blocking. If that doesn’t work, at the request of the creditor matter is referred to a reputable debt collection company. In case of ineffective recovery, the debtor's account is locked out until repayment of obligations.

8. Can the registration in the system and its free using result in any financial commitments in relation to its owner in the future?

No. It is clearly said in point 5.A and 5.B of terms and conditions.

9. For what type of loads, transport orders appear most frequently?

The most common transport orders are full loads but of course there are also orders for van/sprinters, tippers or vehicles that can transport oversized loads.

10. Does the Orderer have to choose Carrier after finishing of an auction?

No, our freight exchange is only a tool which stimulate and support communication therefore terms and conditions don’t impose any form of cooperation or communication after the auction is finished.

Technical questions:

1. Can we receive e-mail notifications about only such loads, which we are interested in?

Yes, e-mail notifications template can be configured in any manner in the “Notifications” tab or during the searching loads process.

2. Is it possible to completely turn off e-mail notifications?

Yes, similar as in the case of creating notification templates it can be turned off in the “Notifications tab” or during the searching load process.

3. How to find loads around certain place?

In the search engine we’ve used a very simple system of narrowing searches down according to postal codes. It works on the basis – the less digit code is entered, the wider searching area is. E.g By selecting country PL and entering in the zip code 4, we will get in searching results all loads from the codes 4, while entering 41, we will get all loads from the codes 41- narrowing down the search area.

4. Is it possible to add more than one contact person?

Yes, you can add additional contact person in tab Company Details>Contact Persons

5. How to leave a rating of another company after auction is finished?

In order to leave a rating of another company, after logging in to your account you should enter in tab: My offers>Sold. When you see a list of finished auction, you should click on the word “Give a rating” in “Offers” column, then on “Add comment”.

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